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Daily Express 19th May 2003
Learn to walk tall
Hollywood glamour girl Hilary Swank is certain that perfecting your posture will always add instant impact the moment you glide down a red carpet. The Oscar winner is a firm fan of the Alexander Technique, which teaches postural awareness. Lucy Miller finds out how it has given Hilary A-list poise to match her A-list status. Read More.

Country Life Magazine January 2003
These feet were made for walking
The human body has 639 muscles, 206 bones and 230 joints all perfectly aligned to enable us to put one foot in front of the other. But spending years at a desk or behind a steering wheel takes it toll, and even a simple 10-mile stroll can cause aches and pains. Improve your posture using the lexander Technique, and those grumbles will disappear. Read More.

The Sunday Telegraph 13th July 1997
Alexander the great
Musicians, actors and even horse-riders swear by it and it has changed the life of fashion designed Caroline Charles. She tells Isobel Wolff about the Technique that has rid her of chronic backache forever. Read More.

The Alexander Technique
Many people with osteoporosis suffer from back, neck or shoulder pain. This relentless pain can leave them feeling tired, tense and concerned about bad posture, which also contributes to pain. Read More.