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Alexia Brousse MSTAT

News: NHS research proves Alexander Technique works for back pain

In recent research by the NHS, people with lower back pain were split into four groups. The first group were treated by their GP. The second group had regular massage and other treatments over the course of a year. The third group had 6 Alexander Technique lessons. The final group had 24 lessons over the course of a year.

At the end of the year, participants were asked how many days a month they experienced back pain. The GP treated group reported 18 days pain per month. Those with regular massage and other therapies reported 14 days pain a month. Those who had 6 Alexander techniqe lessons reported 11 days of pain. The group that had 24 lessons over the course of a year, however, reported only 3 days of pain each month.

Link to article on BBC site